Frequently Asked Questions



What is the meaning of Career Path Media (CPM)? The Plural definition of media is medium, therefore the definition of CPM is many career path mediums.



How does working as a Certified Career Path Coach (CCPC) compare with working as a real estate agent?

Job Comparison

Career Path Coach (CCPC)

Professional Designation.

One-time certification fee.

No Mentorship Fees.

Differentiation In The Marketplace.

Professional Practitioner Specialization.

No Mandatory Work Weekends,

Free Agent Independent Contractor Status.

Expert Field Training.

Sales & Marketing Support.

Client Service Support

No Cold Calling.

High Earnings Potential.

Residual Income Clients.

Brand Apparel & Merchandise.

Real Estate Agent

Changing Inventory.

Long Hours.

Work Weekends Open Houses.

Low Commission Percentage.

No Residual Income Clients

Competing Real Estate Brokers.

High Monthly Participation Fees (Average $350 per month).

High Monthly Mentorship Fees (Average $300 per month).

Local & State Regulation.

Zoning Regulation.

Association Fees.

Closing Costs & Meetings.

Long Paperwork Hours.

Telephone Marketing, Cold Calls & "We Want to Buy/List Your Home" Solicitation.

Mandatory Business Use Vehicle.

High Client Vehicle Passenger Liability Insurance & Risk.

Where can I get a background check in Orlando?
You can get a background check at the Orlando Police Department. Please refer to the link below for further details: